Custom options

You don’t need to be a master craftsman to create your home with style.

We aim to find the right style for each customer. We have many styles that you can choose colour.

We work with designers decorators, procurement coordinators and interior designs. With our extensive knowledge and experience we can turn your home into the exclusive place you've always dreamed of.

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  • Brushwork wheat

  • Brushwork mocha

  • Brushwork buffalo

  • Brushwork peppercorn

  • Brushwork saddle

  • Brushwork moonlight

  • Brushwork flint

  • Brushwork oyster

  • H10

  • H11*

  • H12*

  • H13*

  • H14*

  • H15

  • ALPINE 206

  • ALPINE 606

  • ALPINE 61




Sunrise Metal Program

Our Sunrise Metal Program includes 5 metal finish colour options.

  • H18SIL*

  • H18CHA*

  • H18PEW*

  • H18GOL*

  • H18BLA*

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